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Good Charlotte: Good Charlotte

About “Thank You Mom”

“Thank You Mom” is a hidden song by Good Charlotte from their album Good Charlotte.

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About Good Charlotte

Good Charlotte’s self-titled debut album Good Charlotte was released in 2000 and helped to launch the band into the mainstream punk rock scene. The album featured catchy, angst-filled tracks that resonated with young audiences, tackling themes such as teenage angst, family issues, and social alienation. The opening track “Little Things” quickly became a fan favorite with its upbeat rhythm and relatable lyrics about feeling different and misunderstood. “The Motivation Proclamation” and “Riot Girl” also became popular tracks from the album, featuring fast-paced guitar riffs and anthemic choruses.

While some critics were skeptical of Good Charlotte’s early success and commercial appeal, Good Charlotte showcased their talent and potential to grow into a major player in the punk rock scene. The album helped to establish Good Charlotte’s signature sound and laid the foundation for their future success. Even years after its release, Good Charlotte remains a favorite among fans of the genre, and its impact on the punk rock scene cannot be denied.

How to find “Thank You Mom”

On CD: Play through the last track (“Change”)

Listen to “Thank You Mom”

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