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Goldfinger: Hang-Ups

About “Chicken McNuggets”

“Chicken McNuggets” is a hidden song by Goldfinger from their album Hang-Ups.

It starts out with someone announcing “On drums, Mr. David Hasselhoff” and then goes into a weird little song that goes “Chicken McNuggets/Are bad for you bad for you/But they taste good” and then ends in a little conversation with the drummer, Darrin, in which he spells certain dirty words.

About Hang-Ups

Goldfinger’s second album, Hang-Ups, was released in 1997 and helped to solidify the band’s place in the ska-punk genre. This album showcases Goldfinger’s ability to blend upbeat and catchy ska rhythms with punk rock and alternative influences. The songs on Hang-Ups cover a range of topics from heartbreak and relationships to social commentary on societal issues.

The album opens with the fast-paced, high-energy “Superman,” which became one of Goldfinger’s biggest hits and is still a fan favorite. Other standout tracks include the ska-infused “This Lonely Place” and the angst-ridden “20¢ Goodbye.” The album also features a cover of the pop classic “99 Red Balloons.”

Hang-Ups was well-received by critics and fans alike, and helped to establish Goldfinger as one of the top bands in the ska-punk scene. The album’s unique blend of genres and catchy hooks make it a timeless classic that is still enjoyed by fans today.

How to find “Chicken McNuggets”

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Listen to “Chicken McNuggets”

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