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Gojira: Terra Incognita

About this hidden track

“Terra Inc.” is a hidden song by Gojira from their album Terra Incognita.

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About Terra Incognita

Released in 2001, Terra Incognita is the debut album of the French progressive death metal band Gojira. The album is characterized by heavy riffs, complex rhythms, and dark lyrics that deal with themes such as environmentalism, spirituality, and the human condition.

The opening track, “Clone,” sets the tone for the album with its heavy and technical instrumentation, while “Lizard Skin” showcases the band’s ability to switch between fast-paced and slower, more atmospheric sections. “Satan is a Lawyer” features a catchy riff and a political message against corporate greed, while “Love” offers a more introspective and emotional sound.

The album’s title, which means “unknown land” in Latin, reflects the band’s desire to explore new territories and push the boundaries of the death metal genre. Terra Incognita is a strong debut album that established Gojira as one of the most innovative and promising bands in the metal scene, with a unique sound that combines brutality and introspection.

How to find “Terra Inc.”

On CD: Starts at 9:00 of track #14 (“In The Forest”)

Listen to “Terra Inc.”

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