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George Harrison: Brainwashed

About “Namah Parvati”

“Namah Parvati” is a hidden song by George Harrison from his album Brainwashed.

A mantra dedicated to the Hindu goddess Parvati, chanted in unison by George Harrison and his son Dhani.

About Brainwashed

George Harrison’s album Brainwashed was released in 2002, after his death in 2001. It was a collaboration with producer Jeff Lynne and Harrison’s son, Dhani Harrison, and it was recorded in Harrison’s home studio. The album features Harrison’s signature slide guitar sound, as well as lyrics that reflect his spiritual beliefs and his reflections on life and death.

The album has a strong blues influence and showcases Harrison’s skill as a songwriter and musician. The opening track, “Any Road,” is a catchy and upbeat song that sets the tone for the rest of the album. Other notable tracks include “P2 Vatican Blues (Last Saturday Night),” a commentary on the Catholic Church, and “Rising Sun,” a tribute to Harrison’s love of Indian music.

Brainwashed is a fitting final album from a musician who was a true master of his craft. It serves as a reminder of Harrison’s influence on popular music and his enduring legacy as a songwriter and musician.

How to find “Namah Parvati”

On CD: Play through track #12 (“Brainwashed”)

Listen to “Namah Parvati”

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