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Fight: War Of Words

About “Jesus Saves”

“Jesus Saves” is a hidden song by Fight from their album War Of Words.

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About War Of Words

The debut studio album of American heavy metal band Fight, War Of Words, was released in 1993. The band features Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford on lead vocals. The album’s sound is characterized by a mix of heavy metal and thrash metal with elements of blues rock and punk rock. The lyrics are politically charged and deal with social issues such as war, racism, and corruption.

The album’s opening track, “Into the Pit,” sets the tone with its aggressive riffing and Halford’s signature high-pitched vocals. Other standout tracks include “Nailed to the Gun,” “Life in Black,” and “Immortal Sin.” The album was generally well-received by critics and fans of heavy metal, and it helped to establish Fight as a serious contender in the metal scene. War Of Words remains a fan favorite and a testament to Halford’s versatility as a vocalist outside of his work with Judas Priest.

How to find “Jesus Saves”

On CD: Begins about 8 minutes after the last track (“Reality A New Beginning”)

Listen to “Jesus Saves”

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