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Evergreen Terrace: Losing All Hope is Freedom

About “Sunday Bloody Sunday”

“Sunday Bloody Sunday” is a hidden song by Evergreen Terrace from their album Losing All Hope is Freedom.

A cover of the classic originally recorded by U2, “Sunday Bloody Sunday” was released as the opening track from U2’s 1983 album War. The song is a protest against the Troubles in Northern Ireland, specifically the Bloody Sunday incident in 1972, in which British soldiers killed 13 unarmed Irish civil rights protesters. The song’s lyrics express anger and frustration at the violence and senseless killing, and call for unity and understanding across religious and political divides.

“Sunday Bloody Sunday” has been covered by many artists and has been used in various films and TV shows. It remains a powerful and relevant message against violence and conflict, and a reminder of the importance of peace and unity.

While only the first ten tracks are listed on the back of the case, the band does credit U2 in the album’s liner notes.

About Losing All Hope is Freedom

Losing All Hope is Freedom is the debut studio album by the American metalcore band Evergreen Terrace, released in 2001. The album displays a mix of melodic hardcore and metalcore, with fast-paced riffs and breakdowns, aggressive vocals, and intense drumming.

The opening track “The Smell of Summer” sets the tone for the album, with its fast-paced riffs and aggressive vocals. “Burned Alive by Time” and “Maniac” are standouts with their catchy riffs and breakdowns. “Rip This!” and “Zero” also showcase the band’s ability to shift from melodic passages to heavier sections seamlessly.

Lyrically, the album deals with themes of frustration, disillusionment, and alienation, with frontman Andrew Carey’s raspy vocals adding an extra layer of intensity to the lyrics.

Losing All Hope is Freedom is a strong debut album that showcases Evergreen Terrace’s raw energy and skill in blending melodic passages with aggressive metalcore.

How to find “Sunday Bloody Sunday”

On CD: Go directly to track #11

Listen to “Sunday Bloody Sunday”

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