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EMF: Schubert Dip

About “EMF (live)”

“EMF (live)” is a hidden song by EMF from their album Schubert Dip.

Recorded live at The Bilson. Unlisted on the original release but reissues of the album list the song properly. The chorus explains the band’s name (which stands for Epsom Mad Funkers) as “E for Ecstasy / M for my mind’s in my feet / F from us to you” and then to “E for Ecstasy / M for mother fucker mother fucker / F from us to you.”

About Schubert Dip

EMF’s debut album Schubert Dip was released in 1991 and became an instant success, thanks to the hit single “Unbelievable”. The British alternative dance group had a unique sound, combining elements of rock, dance, and rap. The album features catchy beats and infectious hooks, with standout tracks like “Lies”, “Long Summer Days”, and “Children”. EMF’s sound was influenced by the Madchester scene of the late 1980s, which blended rock and dance music, as well as the emerging rave culture in the UK. Schubert Dip marked a significant moment in the evolution of dance music and helped to establish EMF as one of the most exciting new acts of the early 1990s.

How to find “EMF (live)”

On CD: Play through track #10 (“Longtime”)

Listen to “EMF (live)”

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