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EleventySeven: Galactic Conquest

About “The Starship Unicorn”

“The Starship Unicorn” is a hidden song by EleventySeven from their album Galactic Conquest.

A synthpop song found after an interval of silence on the last track of the album.

About Galactic Conquest

The EleventySeven album, Galactic Conquest, is an energetic and catchy album that blends elements of pop punk, power pop, and synthpop. The album has a distinct and fun sci-fi theme that runs throughout, with songs like “Nostalgia,” “Feel Alive,” and “Galactic Conquest” all referencing space and science fiction. The album is filled with infectious hooks, driving guitars, and upbeat rhythms that are sure to get listeners moving.

The lyrics on Galactic Conquest are often lighthearted and playful, with themes of nostalgia, youthful rebellion, and romantic relationships. The lead vocals are clear and engaging, and the harmonies and backing vocals add depth and texture to the songs. The album’s standout tracks include the upbeat and catchy “Evolution Of The Bull,” the synth-heavy “Don’t Want To Fall,” and the emotional ballad “Let It Out.”

Galactic Conquest is a fun and catchy album that showcases EleventySeven’s ability to blend different genres while maintaining a cohesive sound. The album is perfect for fans of upbeat and energetic pop rock.

How to find “The Starship Unicorn”

On CD: Play through the last track (track #12, “Program Terminated”)

Listen to About “The Starship Unicorn”

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