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Dr. Dre: The Chronic

About “Bitches Ain’t Shit”

“Bitches Ain’t Shit” is a hidden song by Dr. Dre from his album The Chronic.

Unlisted on the original release, but listed normally on the 2001 reissue. Part of the Ruthless/Death Row feud, the song features Dre reminiscing about his former N.W.A bandmate Eazy-E and his manager Jerry Heller. Features Jewell, Lady of Rage, Tha Dogg Pound, and Snoop Doggy Dogg.

About The Chronic

Dr. Dre’s debut solo album The Chronic is a landmark release in the history of hip-hop music. It was released in 1992, and was a groundbreaking album that helped popularize the G-funk sound and establish Dr. Dre as one of the most influential producers in the genre. The album featured a host of talented guest artists, including Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, and Daz Dillinger, among others.

The Chronic showcased Dre’s signature production style, with its smooth, laid-back beats and funky, bass-heavy grooves. The album also tackled a range of social and political issues, from gang violence to drug use to police brutality, and helped shine a light on the harsh realities of life in inner-city communities.

The Chronic has gone on to become one of the most celebrated and influential albums in the history of hip-hop, and remains a touchstone for both fans and artists alike.

How to find “Bitches Ain’t Shit”

On CD: Go directly to track #16

Listen to “Bitches Ain’t Shit”

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