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Depeche Mode: Ultra

About “Junior Painkiller”

“Junior Painkiller” is a hidden song by Depeche Mode from their album Ultra.

A shortened version of the “Barrel Of A Gun” single B-side “Painkiller”, which is a 7 minute+ instrumental.

About Ultra

Depeche Mode’s Ultra is the band’s ninth studio album, released in 1997. It marked a return to the darker and more electronic sound of their earlier albums, after the more guitar-driven “Songs of Faith and Devotion”. The album’s lead single, “Barrel of a Gun”, has a distinctive and driving industrial sound that sets the tone for the rest of the album. The second single, “It’s No Good”, has a more accessible and danceable quality, with a catchy synth riff and a pulsating beat.

Lyrically, Ultra deals with themes of addiction, isolation, and redemption. The song “Judas” is a haunting and introspective reflection on betrayal and forgiveness, while “Useless” is a brooding meditation on the futility of existence. The album closes with the epic and atmospheric “Insight”, which builds to a climax of soaring synths and haunting vocals. Ultra remains one of Depeche Mode’s most innovative and essential albums, showcasing their unique blend of dark electronica and introspective lyricism.

How to find “Junior Painkiller”

On CD: Play through the last track (“Insight”)

Listen to “Junior Painkiller”

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