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Danzig: Danzig 4

About “Invocation”

“Invocation” is a hidden song by Danzig from their album Danzig 4.

A three-minute chant that ends “Many are the demon’s face, And many are the forms he takes, Beware that you don’t pleasure one, The demon comes to anyone.”

About Danzig 4

Danzig 4, also known as “Danzig 4p”, is the fourth studio album by the American heavy metal band Danzig, released in 1994. It was the band’s first album without their long-time producer Rick Rubin, and marked a departure from their previous work. Danzig 4 features a more experimental sound, incorporating elements of electronic and industrial music, while still retaining the band’s trademark heavy metal style.

The album’s lead single, “Cantspeak,” received significant airplay on MTV and helped to bring Danzig’s music to a wider audience. Other notable tracks on the album include the haunting ballad “Let It Be Captured” and the aggressive, guitar-driven “Brand New God.”

Despite receiving mixed reviews upon its release, Danzig 4 has since gained a cult following and is considered a landmark album in the band’s career. Its unique blend of genres and experimentation with electronic elements set it apart from their earlier, more traditional heavy metal releases.

How to find “Invocation”

On CD: Go directly to track #66

Listen to “Invocation”

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