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Damien Rice: O

About “Silent Night”

“Silent Night” is a hidden song by Damien Rice from his album O.

A cover of the Christmas carol featuring vocals by Lisa Hannigan, an Irish singer, songwriter, and musician. Hannigan was born on February 12, 1981, in County Meath, Ireland. She is known for her distinct and enchanting voice, as well as her poetic songwriting style. She gained widespread recognition as the original female vocalist and co-writer with Damien Rice, contributing to his critically acclaimed album O.

In 2007, Lisa Hannigan released her debut solo album, Sea Sew, which received positive reviews and showcased her unique folk-pop sound. The album’s lead single, “Lille,” became a notable success.

Beyond her solo work, Lisa Hannigan has collaborated with various artists, lent her vocals to different projects, and has been involved in film and television soundtracks. Her musical talent and captivating performances have earned her a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim worldwide.

“Silent Night” is one of the most beloved and recognizable Christmas carols worldwide. It was composed by Austrian primary school teacher Franz Xaver Gruber and the lyrics were penned by Father Joseph Mohr, a Catholic priest, in 1818. The song was first performed on Christmas Eve of the same year at St. Nicholas Church in Oberndorf, Austria.

The story behind “Silent Night” is rooted in a desire to create a song that could be played on a guitar since the church’s organ was not functioning. Gruber composed a simple melody to complement Mohr’s touching lyrics, resulting in a gentle and serene composition that resonated with people.

Over the years, “Silent Night” has been translated into numerous languages, becoming a global Christmas favorite. Its message of peace and hope appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds. The song’s endearing simplicity and emotive charm have made it a timeless classic that continues to be cherished and sung during the festive season, connecting hearts with the true spirit of Christmas.

About O

Damien Rice’s debut album O, released in 2002, is a breathtaking masterpiece that evokes raw emotions and showcases Rice’s unparalleled talent as a singer-songwriter. This critically acclaimed record weaves a tapestry of hauntingly beautiful melodies and poetic lyrics that delve into themes of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery.

From the soul-stirring opener “Delicate” to the intimate and emotionally charged “The Blower’s Daughter,” each track on Ocaptures the listener’s heart and imagination. Rice’s ethereal vocals, accompanied by minimalist yet powerful instrumentals, create an atmosphere of intimacy and vulnerability, making the album deeply personal and relatable.

The inclusion of live recordings like “Cannonball” adds an organic, captivating element to the album, highlighting Rice’s ability to connect with his audience on an even deeper level. O stands as a timeless classic, leaving an indelible mark on the folk and indie music landscape, and cementing Damien Rice’s place as a musical maestro.

How to find “Silent Night”

On CD: Begins at 14:09 of track #10 (“Eskimo”)

Listen to “Silent Night”

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