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Damien Rice: O

About “Prague”

“Prague” is a hidden song by Damien Rice from his album O.

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About O

Damien Rice’s debut album O, released in 2002, is a breathtaking masterpiece that evokes raw emotions and showcases Rice’s unparalleled talent as a singer-songwriter. This critically acclaimed record weaves a tapestry of hauntingly beautiful melodies and poetic lyrics that delve into themes of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery.

From the soul-stirring opener “Delicate” to the intimate and emotionally charged “The Blower’s Daughter,” each track on O captures the listener’s heart and imagination. Rice’s ethereal vocals, accompanied by minimalist yet powerful instrumentals, create an atmosphere of intimacy and vulnerability, making the album deeply personal and relatable.

The inclusion of live recordings like “Cannonball” adds an organic, captivating element to the album, highlighting Rice’s ability to connect with his audience on an even deeper level. O stands as a timeless classic, leaving an indelible mark on the folk and indie music landscape, and cementing Damien Rice’s place as a musical maestro.

How to find “Prague”

On CD: Begins at 7:07 of track #10 (“Eskimo”)

Listen to “Prague”

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