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D12: Devil's Night

About “Girls”

“Girls” is a hidden song by D12 from their album Devil’s Night.

“The Eminem/Everlast feud has expanded to include Eminem’s one-time friends Fred Durst and DJ Lethal of Limp Bizkit. Eminem has some choice and predictably profane words for the pair on “Girls,” a track from the group D12’s forthcoming Devil’s Night.

Eminem is apparently upset about a comment Lethal made in December during the Limp guys’ visit to “TRL.” Lethal, who was in House of Pain with Everlast but was also friends with Eminem, at first said of their beef, “They’re both men, they’ll work it out.” But he added that if the two were to take their differences outside the realm of their respective records, “Everlast would definitely win, you know what I mean?”

Em has retaliated with “Girls,” his third volley in his war of the words with Everlast. Lethal was supposed to guest on “Quitter,” one of Eminem and D12’s Everlast-dissing songs, which calls on fans to physically attack the former House of Pain MC. Lethal bowed out, inspiring Em to call him and Durst “cowards” and “sissies” on “Girls,” and ridicule their hit “Rollin'”: “C’mon dog, it was supposed to be on that song (‘Quitter’)/ Talking about how bad you hate him/ Now you all on his thong … You fucking sissy/Up onstage screaming how people hate you/They don’t hate you/They just think you’re corny since Christina played you.”

Later in the song, Eminem claims he left Durst hanging on purpose when the red-capped singer tried to give him a high five at the MTV Video Music Awards in September — though Em claimed his reason for dissing Durst and Lethal is for comments Lethal made two months later. Eminem also allied himself with Limp Bizkit when he attacked Everlast on the D12 B-side, “Shit on You,” which was released in October, and “Quitter,” released in December. – VH1

About Devil’s Night

Devil’s Night is the debut album of the American hip hop group D12, released in 2001. The album features rappers Eminem, Bizarre, Proof, Kon Artis, and Kuniva, and was produced by Dr. Dre and Eminem. The album is named after the infamous pre-Halloween night in Detroit, Michigan, where vandalism and arson are known to occur.

The album is known for its controversial lyrics and explicit content, featuring themes of violence, drugs, and sex. The opening track “Another Public Service Announcement” sets the tone with its aggressive lyrics and beats. The lead single “Purple Pills” caused controversy due to its drug references and was later released as “Purple Hills” to meet radio censorship standards.

Despite its controversial nature, the album was a commercial success, reaching number one on the US Billboard 200 chart and going platinum in the United States. It also received positive reviews from music critics who praised the group’s chemistry and production. Devil’s Night remains a seminal album in the horrorcore subgenre of rap music.

How to find “Girls”

On CD: Go directly to track #19

Listen to “Girls”

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