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The Crystal Method: Tweekend

About “Name Of The Game (Remix)”

“Name Of The Game (Remix)” is a hidden song by The Crystal Method from their album Tweekend.

The track is a remix of their hit “Name Of The Game”. The song features vocals from guitarist and vocalist Ryan “Ryu” Maginn of the band Area 7, and it is known for its heavy beats and fast-paced tempo. It incorporates elements of big beat and breakbeat music, and it features a distinctive guitar riff that serves as its main hook. The single “Name of the Game” was a commercial success, reaching number 76 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and receiving heavy airplay on alternative rock and electronic music radio stations. It remains one of The Crystal Method’s most popular and recognizable songs.

About Tweekend

The Crystal Method’s second album, Tweekend, was released in 2001 and it showcases their unique blend of electronic, rock, and hip-hop music. The album features collaborations with artists such as Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots, DJ Swamp, and Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine.

Tweekend kicks off with the high-energy track “PHD,” which sets the tone for the rest of the album. Tracks like “Wild, Sweet, and Cool” and “Murder” highlight the duo’s mastery of creating an intense and driving sound, while “Roll It Up” and “Blowout” are more laid-back and groovy.

The Crystal Method’s signature sound is also present in the album’s use of samples and loops, such as in the track “Name of the Game,” which features a sample from the Led Zeppelin song “When the Levee Breaks.” Tweekend is a high-octane album that solidified The Crystal Method’s place in the electronic music scene.

How to find “Name Of The Game (Remix)”

On CD: Play through the last track (“Tough Guy”)

Listen to “Name Of The Game (Remix)”

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