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Counting Crows: This Desert Life

About “Kid Things”

“Kid Things” is a hidden song by Counting Crows from their album This Desert Life.

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About This Desert Life

Counting Crows’ third studio album, This Desert Life, was released in 1999, following their massive hit “August and Everything After” and their sophomore effort Recovering the Satellites. The album features a variety of styles, from the upbeat and catchy “Hanginaround” to the somber and introspective “Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby.” The album also includes collaborations with artists such as Sheryl Crow and Ryan Adams.

One of the standout tracks on the album is “Colorblind,” a haunting ballad that showcases lead singer Adam Duritz’s emotive vocals and poignant lyrics. The song was featured in the film “Cruel Intentions” and remains one of the band’s most beloved tracks.

While This Desert Life didn’t achieve the same level of commercial success as the band’s previous albums, it received positive reviews from critics and has developed a dedicated fan base over the years. It’s a solid effort that showcases the band’s musicianship and Duritz’s songwriting prowess.

How to find “Kid Things”

On CD: Play through the last track

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