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Counting Crows: "Big Yellow Taxi" from Hard Candy

About “Big Yellow Taxi”

Counting Crows: “Big Yellow Taxi” from Hard Candy

Note that this is not the single version with Vanessa Carlton on guest vocals. “Big Yellow Taxi” is a remake of the hit single by Canadian singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell from her 1970 album Ladies of the Canyon, which became one of her most recognizable and beloved songs. The song’s lyrics reflect Mitchell’s concern for the environment and the destruction of natural habitats. It uses the metaphor of a parking lot, paved over paradise, to convey the message that humans are destroying the earth’s beauty and natural resources. “Big Yellow Taxi” has been covered by many other artists over the years, including Amy Grant and Bob Dylan. The Counting Crows’ cover version became a hit on the radio and helped to introduce a new generation to Joni Mitchell’s classic song.

About Hard Candy

Counting Crows’ 2002 album Hard Candy showcases a blend of pop-rock, folk and country music elements that have become the band’s signature sound. The album opens with the catchy track “Hard Candy” and continues with hits like “American Girls,” “If I Could Give All My Love (Richard Manuel Is Dead),” and “Big Yellow Taxi” which features the legendary Vanessa Carlton on piano and backing vocals. The songwriting on the album showcases Adam Duritz’s storytelling abilities with vivid lyrics that often evoke feelings of longing and melancholy. The musicianship on the album is also notable with intricate guitar work and tight rhythms provided by the band. Hard Candy continues to be a beloved album by fans of the Counting Crows and is a strong representation of the band’s sound at the time of its release. Hard Candy is a must-listen for fans of the Counting Crows and a great entry point for those looking to discover the band’s music.

How to find “Big Yellow Taxi”

On CD: Begins 40 seconds after the end of the last song (“Holiday In Spain”)

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