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Coldplay: Ghost Stories

About “Fly On”

“Fly On” is a hidden song by Coldplay from their album Ghost Stories.

The song actually starts before the listed song, “O”.

About Ghost Stories

Coldplay’s sixth studio album, Ghost Stories, was released in 2014 and marked a change in direction for the band. The album was heavily influenced by lead singer Chris Martin’s recent separation from his wife, and features more stripped-down instrumentation and introspective lyrics than their previous works. The album’s opening track, “Always in My Head,” sets the tone with its dreamy, atmospheric sound, while tracks like “Ink” and “Magic” showcase Martin’s haunting vocals over minimalistic piano and guitar arrangements.

Despite the album’s darker themes, Ghost Stories still features the signature Coldplay sound with its anthemic choruses and soaring melodies. However, the album received mixed reviews from critics who found it too melancholic and lacking the energy of the band’s earlier work. Nonetheless, it was a commercial success, debuting at number one in several countries and spawning the hit single “A Sky Full of Stars.” Ghost Stories is a poignant and emotionally charged album that showcases Coldplay’s ability to evolve and adapt their sound.

How to find “Fly On”

On CD: Begins at 0:00 of track #9 (“O”)

Listen to “Fly On”

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