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Chris Whitley: Din of Ecstasy

About “Days of Obligation”

“Days of Obligation” is a hidden song by Chris Whitley from his album Din of Ecstasy.

It’s at the end of track 12 — the final listed song, “Ultraglide,” plays out, then there’s a minute of silence, then “Days of Obligation” starts. Chris Whitley plays resonator slide guitar and Dan Whitley plays electric guitar.

About Din of Ecstasy

Chris Whitley’s album Din of Ecstasy, released in 1995, is a mesmerizing fusion of blues, rock, and experimental elements. Whitley’s distinctive, gravelly voice and virtuosic guitar skills are at the forefront, creating a raw and emotionally charged atmosphere. Songs like “Narcotic Prayer” and “Serve You” showcase his lyrical depth and ability to convey intense, often dark emotions. Din of Ecstasy is marked by its sonic experimentation, incorporating electronic elements and unconventional instrumentation. It’s an album that pushes boundaries while remaining rooted in the blues, revealing Whitley’s restless artistic spirit. It’s a testament to his talent and innovation within the realm of alternative blues-rock.

How to find “Days of Obligation”

On CD: Play through track #12 (“Ultraglide”)

Listen to “Days of Obligation”

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