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Chris Rice: Past The Edges

From Chris Rice’s official site FAQ: Where can I find the cartoon song? (on a CD, accompaniment track, or print version) – The cartoon song is a hidden track on Chris’s “Past The Edges” CD. (It’s not on the cassette tape). After the last song is finished playing (“Missin’ You”, song #10) just let it keep playing for about two minutes of silence. Cartoons will begin playing then. Hope you find it! The printed music for Cartoons is available in the vocal folio books, “A Night in Rocketown” and “WOW 2000 Songbook.” from Word Music. Ask at your local bookstore to have it ordered. Ask them if an accompaniment track is available too.

Also from Chris Rice’s official site FAQ: “Mr. Rice, why didn’t you let Beavis and that other guy get saved in the cartoon song?” First of all, when I “wrote” the cartoon song (in about 10 minutes!) as a skit for a local youth group, I had no idea so many people would eventually hear it! (What was I thinking!) My original intention was a simple one: figure out how different cartoon characters would say “Hallelujah”. After all the other characters, when I got to Beavis (who was pretty popular at the time) I found humor in the typical Christian reaction to that cartoon. So I was making a silly reference to that reaction, not to whether Beavis could get saved. The strong reactions to that part of the song are even more humorous to me, because I couldn’t understand such a silly song getting such scrutiny. Also, in correcting my “theology” in the cartoon song, people were totally missing the fact that the whole song is about soul-less cartoons, none of whom can “get saved”. A frog, a few dogs, a moose, turtles…getting ‘saved’…horrible theology if you ask me. But theology was never the intention of the song, just a funny look at how cartoons might say “Hallelujah”. “What if?” I’m sorry some people are missing the fun! “I was thinking the other day, why’d I ever write that song?…” (grin)

How to find it: Play through the last track (“Missin’ You”)

Submitted by: Jeff Johnson

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