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Cheap Trick: Cheap Trick (1997)

About this hidden track

(Title Unknown) is a hidden song by Cheap Trick from their album Cheap Trick (1997).

Bits and pieces of the songs spliced together and, in some cases, backwards…odd!

About Cheap Trick

The self-titled Cheap Trick album released in 1997, also known as “Cheap Trick ’97” is the band’s twelfth studio album. The album was released 20 years after the release of their self-titled debut album, and it marks a return to their power pop roots after several experimental albums in the 1980s and 1990s.

Cheap Trick features the band’s signature catchy melodies, harmonies, and guitar riffs, as well as the raw energy and humor that have made them one of the most beloved rock bands of all time. The standout tracks include “Anytime,” “Say Goodbye,” and “Baby No More,” all of which showcase the band’s ability to write great hooks and memorable choruses.

While Cheap Trick did not receive as much commercial success as some of their previous releases, it was generally well-received by critics and fans alike. Cheap Trick remains a favorite among die-hard Cheap Trick fans, as well as a great introduction to the band’s classic power pop sound for new listeners.

How to find this hidden track

Rewind from the beginning of track #1

This hidden track was submitted to by C9 and Bunezuela. Can you add something? Please let us know!

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