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Butch Walker: Letters

About “State Line”

“State Line” is a hidden song by Butch Walker from his album Letters.

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About Letters

Letters is an introspective and emotionally charged album by American singer-songwriter Butch Walker, released in 2004. This record stands as a poignant exploration of personal experiences and relationships, offering a raw and heartfelt journey through Walker’s life. With tracks like “Maybe It’s Just Me” and “Don’t Move,” Walker’s poignant lyrics and emotive vocals captivate listeners, drawing them into his world of love, loss, and self-discovery. Letters showcases Walker’s talent for crafting soul-baring songs that resonate with authenticity, making it a standout in his discography and a cherished work among fans of introspective and confessional songwriting.

How to find “State Line”

On CD: Play through track #13 (“Thank-You Note”)

Listen to “State Line”

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