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Burnt Taters: Voxbox

About “29 Days”

“29 Days” is a hidden song by Burnt Taters from Vox Box.

Originally just a demo of the song, they later decided to add it at the last minute.

About Vox Box

The Taters (originally named The Burnt Taters) are an American band formed in Richmond, Virginia in 1990. The band consists of Brad Tucker and Craig Evans, who share vocals and play multiple instruments, including guitar, mandolin, and accordion. Their music blends elements of rock, country, pop, and folk, and is characterized by catchy melodies, clever lyrics, and intricate harmonies.

Their 1999 debut album Vox Box is described on the band’s Bandcamp site as, “Back when we were Burnt! Everyone starts somewhere, and, for the Taters, it was here! Our first album started out as a demo and ended up with a Billboard “Critic’s Choice” award! Recorded on a borrowed 8-track ADAT in our drummer’s garage over the course of a few days. Includes the mysterious “Mr Molio” and the original version of “Just One Night”.  We consider this sort of our baby photos – definitely not fully formed yet, but it has a charm of its own!”

How to find “29 Days”

On CD: Go directly to track #15

Listen to “29 Days”

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