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Brian May: Another World

About “Being on My Own”

“Being on My Own” is a hidden song by Brian May from his album Another World.

Does not appear on the Japanese edition.

About Another World

Another World is the second solo studio album by Brian May, the renowned guitarist of the legendary rock band Queen. Released in 1998, the album showcases May’s exceptional guitar skills, songwriting prowess, and rich musicality.

The album offers a diverse range of musical styles, from hard-hitting rock anthems to heartfelt ballads. May’s distinctive guitar playing takes center stage, with his soaring solos and melodic riffs adding a dynamic energy to each track. Songs like “Business,” “China Belle,” and the title track “Another World” capture the essence of May’s signature sound, combining powerful guitar work with catchy hooks and memorable melodies.

Another World explores themes of personal introspection, social issues, and the interconnectedness of the world. May’s vocals are heartfelt and earnest, delivering the songs with passion and conviction.

Another World is a testament to Brian May’s musical talent and his ability to create compelling and engaging rock music. The album continues to be cherished by fans for its exceptional musicianship and the enduring artistry of one of rock’s greatest guitarists.

How to find “Being on My Own”

On CD: Begins at 5:05 of track #12, “Another World”

Listen to “Being on My Own”

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