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Breaking Benjamin: Saturate

About “Forever”

“Forever” is a hidden song by Breaking Benjamin from their album Saturate.

Originally appeared as track #13, but on later editions was moved to the end of track #12.

About Saturate

Breaking Benjamin’s debut album Saturate was released on August 27, 2002, and features a mix of alternative metal and post-grunge sounds. The album includes the hit single “Polyamorous,” which helped to establish the band as a force in the rock world.

The album’s aggressive sound is driven by heavy guitar riffs and powerful drums, but also features melodic and introspective moments. The lyrics explore themes of relationships, addiction, and self-reflection, providing a deeply personal and emotional experience for listeners.

Other standout tracks on Saturate include “Skin,” “Water,” and “Shallow Bay.” “Saturate” received positive reviews from critics and helped to establish Breaking Benjamin as a rising star in the rock scene.

How to find “Forever”

On CD (early editions): Go to track #13

On CD (later editions): Play through track #12 (“Shallow Bay”)

Listen to “Forever”


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