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Brandi Carlile: The Story

About “Hiding My Heart”

“Hiding My Heart” is a hidden song by Brandi Carlile from her album The Story.

Written by Tim Hanseroth. Later covered by Adele and featured as a bonus track on some international versions of her album 21.

About The Story

Brandi Carlile’s second studio album The Story was released in 2007 and quickly gained critical acclaim. The album showcases Carlile’s powerful vocals and songwriting skills, delivering a mix of folk, country, and rock music.

The album’s title track “The Story” is one of Carlile’s most well-known songs and tells a poignant and emotional tale of self-discovery and acceptance. Other standout tracks include the rock-infused “Pride and Joy,” the hauntingly beautiful “Turpentine,” and the tender ballad “What Can I Say.”

Throughout The Story, Carlile displays her ability to tell stories through her music, often drawing from personal experiences and emotions. The album’s production, helmed by Grammy-winning producer T Bone Burnett, is raw and stripped down, allowing Carlile’s voice and lyrics to take center stage.

How to find “Hiding My Heart”

On CD: Play through the last track “Again Today”

Listen to “Hiding My Heart”

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