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Brad Paisley: American Saturday Night

About “Back to the Future”

“Back to the Future” is a hidden song by Brad Paisley from his album American Saturday Night.

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About American Saturday Night

American Saturday Night is the eighth studio album by American country music artist Brad Paisley. Released in 2009, the album explores various aspects of American culture, showcasing Paisley’s storytelling abilities and musical versatility. The album title reflects the diverse themes and experiences associated with Saturday nights in America.

The album features a mix of uptempo, feel-good tracks and heartfelt ballads. It includes the hit singles “Then,” a romantic ballad that celebrates lasting love, and “Welcome to the Future,” an uplifting anthem that reflects on progress and social change. Other standout tracks include the humorous “Water,” the patriotic “American Saturday Night,” and the reflective “Anything Like Me.”

American Saturday Night blends traditional country sounds with contemporary elements, incorporating influences from rock, pop, and blues. Paisley’s guitar skills are on full display throughout the album, as he delivers impressive solos and intricate musical arrangements.

With its diverse range of songs and Paisley’s engaging performances, American Saturday Night continues to resonate with fans and showcases Paisley’s artistry as one of country music’s most talented and versatile artists.

How to find “Back to the Future”

On CD: Play through track #14 (“I Hope That’s Me”)

Listen to “Back to the Future”

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