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Blur: The Great Escape

About “Ernold Same (reprise)”

“Ernold Same (reprise)” is a hidden song by Blur from their album The Great Escape.

A short instrumental reprise of “Ernold Same” (track #11). The song is sometimes erroneously referred to as “A World of Difference” as that phrase appears in a separate box below the track list in the booklet.

About The Great Escape

The Great Escape is the fourth studio album by English rock band Blur, released in 1995. The album is known for its satirical and sardonic take on British life, with themes such as consumerism, media, and political disillusionment. The album reached number one in the UK charts and was also critically acclaimed.

The album features several hit singles including “Stereotypes”, “Charmless Man”, and “Country House”, which was the band’s first single to debut at number one in the UK charts. The album was also accompanied by a promotional campaign with several events and a special train tour, which was documented in the film Starshaped.

Musically, The Great Escape features a diverse range of styles and influences, with elements of Britpop, baroque pop, and chamber pop, as well as nods to the Kinks, the Beatles, and even ABBA. The album showcases the band’s ability to craft catchy, melodic songs while also incorporating clever lyrics and social commentary.

How to find “Ernold Same (reprise)”

On CD: Begins at 4:21 of track #15 (“Yuko and Hiro”)

Listen to “Ernold Same (reprise)”

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