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About “Interlude”

“Interlude” is a hidden song by Blur from their album Blur.

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About Blur

The self-titled album from Blur, also known as “The Blur Album,” was released in 1997 and marked a significant departure from the band’s previous work. The album saw the band experimenting with a range of genres, from electronic and trip-hop to punk and grunge, and features a more lo-fi and stripped-down sound than their earlier albums.

The opening track, “Beetlebum,” is a dreamy and psychedelic song that showcases the band’s experimentation with new sounds. Other standout tracks include the driving punk rock of “Song 2,” which became a massive hit and remains one of the band’s most popular songs, and the melancholic ballad “Strange News from Another Star.”

Blur received mixed reviews upon its release, with some critics praising the band’s willingness to take risks and others criticizing the lack of coherence and direction. Nevertheless, Blur has since become a cult classic among fans of the band and is regarded as a pivotal moment in their discography.

How to find “Interlude”

On CD: Begins at 9:45 of track #14 (“Essex Dogs”) (U.S. version)

Listen to “Interlude”

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