Blink-182: (Various titles) from The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back!)

Blink 182: The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back!)

Various jokes and on-stage banter. The titles are as follows:

21.     "Start My Own Nudist Colony"
22.     "Fuck Everybody Else"
23.     "Say Some Dirty Words"
24.     "I Like Your Hair"
25.     "For All the Ladies..."
26.     "Golf Tournament"
27.     "A Note from Your Mom"
28.     "What I Learned in Fifth Grade"
29.     "Fuck You Tom"
30.     "Smells Like Blood and Feces"
31.     "Safe Sex"
32.     "The Most Special Kind of Love"
33.     "My Boner Just Died"
34.     "Someone Lost a Contact Lens"
35.     "I Gotta Go Pee-Pee"
36.     "Hurt Kid"
37.     "I Wish I Took Bass Lessons"
38.     "I Know a Guy"
39.     "Excuse Me, Security Guard"
40.     "Mark's Middle Name"
41.     "I Still Have to Go Pee"
42.     "You Shave Your Ass!"
43.     "We Need a New Guitarist"
44.     "If I Were a Girl"
45.     "Santa Will Rape Your Dogs"
46.     "I'm Ashamed to Be Myself"
47.     "Fuck Wiping!"
48.     "7-Up"
49.     "Last Words from Satan"

How to find it: Go directly to tracks #21-49

Submitted by: EAM

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