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Blind Melon: Soup

About “Before One”

“Before One” is a hidden song by Blind Melon from their album Soup.

Blind Melon guitarist Roger Stevens describes the song: “The secret track on the Soup album was done like this: we had this piece of acoustic guitar music from Shannon’s friend Mike Kelsey, who is just phenomenal. We all played a bunch of stuff on it…I played piano and some other stuff, just kept piling stuff on it. Then we took the song “New Life” and flipped the reels upside down so it was playing in reverse and dumped the backwards vocals on the instrumental track. We were all shocked at how well it worked….just an accident.”

About Soup

Blind Melon’s second album, Soup, was released in 1995 and followed the success of their self-titled debut. It’s often regarded as the band’s most experimental and innovative album, featuring a wide range of styles and influences, including funk, jazz, and folk.

Soup was recorded during a difficult time for the band, following the death of lead singer Shannon Hoon’s girlfriend and the birth of their daughter. As a result, the album has a more introspective and somber tone than their previous work, with several tracks dealing with loss and mourning.

Despite receiving critical acclaim, Soup was not as commercially successful as their debut album, and the band disbanded in 1996. However, it has since become a cult favorite among fans of 90s alternative rock and is regarded as one of the most underrated albums of the era.

Key tracks from Soup include the mournful ballad “Mouthful of Cavities,” the upbeat and funky “Galaxie,” and the haunting “St. Andrew’s Fall,” which features Hoon’s powerful and emotive vocals.

How to find “Before One”

On CD: Rewind from the beginning of track 1

Listen to “Before One”

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