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Black 47: Home Of The Brave

About “Carlita’s Revenge”

“Carlita’s Revenge” is a hidden song by Black 47 from their album Home Of The Brave.

Written by Larry Kirwin.

About Home Of The Brave

Black 47’s album Home Of The Brave was released in 1994 and features a fusion of Irish traditional music, punk rock, and reggae. The band’s unique sound is evident in tracks like “Funky Ceili” which combines the fiddle and bodhran with electric guitar riffs and a funky bassline. The album’s opening track “Green Suede Shoes” is an upbeat and catchy song with lyrics that speak to the immigrant experience in the US. The album also features socially conscious songs such as “Livin’ in America” which addresses issues of poverty and inequality.

Lead singer and songwriter Larry Kirwan’s powerful vocals are a standout feature of the album, as he tackles a variety of themes such as cultural identity, politics, and relationships. The band’s commitment to social justice and their Irish heritage is evident throughout the album, as they fuse traditional music with modern styles to create a sound that is uniquely their own. Home Of The Brave is an excellent example of Black 47’s ability to blend genres and themes to create something fresh and innovative.

How to find “Carlita’s Revenge”

On CD: Go directly to track #47

Listen to “Carlita’s Revenge”

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