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Better Than Ezra: Friction, Baby

About “Mejor de Ezra”

“Mejor de Ezra” is a hidden song by Better Than Ezra from their album Friction, Baby.

Only included on the first few pressings of the album. Features singing in Spanish.

About Friction, Baby

Better Than Ezra’s third studio album, Friction, Baby, was released in 1996 and features a blend of alternative rock, pop, and funk influences. The album features several of the band’s most popular tracks, including “Desperately Wanting,” “King of New Orleans,” and “Rosealia.”

The album’s production was handled by Brad Wood, who had previously worked with the band on their previous album “Deluxe.” Friction, Baby was well received by critics upon its release and helped to cement Better Than Ezra’s place in the 1990s alternative rock scene.

The album’s themes explore issues of love, loss, and redemption, with frontman Kevin Griffin’s songwriting showing a keen eye for observation and storytelling. Friction, Baby marks a departure from the band’s earlier, more guitar-heavy sound, incorporating elements of funk and soul into their music.

Friction, Baby is a solid album that showcases Better Than Ezra’s strengths as a band and their ability to evolve and grow musically. It remains a fan favorite and a standout in the band’s discography.

How do find About “Mejor de Ezra”

On CD: Begins at -3:21 of track #1 (“King of New Orleans”)

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2 Responses

  1. Wintw says:

    So how do you find it?! I have this and remember it from years back but can’t get to it right now! I remember accidentally discovering it! Do you rewind when it starts playing or do you push the back arrow key a couple of times? Why in the hell did they only do early copies like this?! All c.d.s. need to be re-releaed with this type of feature with unreleased material!

  2. Julie Davis says:

    I found it accidentally over 20 years ago. I had a CD player that you loaded the disc into a door vertically and pushed play and then held the back button and it played the songs backward. I looked for hidden messages I always heard about bc I was a teen. To my surprise, the hidden track played backward, then I was able to play it normally. I didn’t talk about it to people bc it slightly freaked me out.

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