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Better Than Ezra: Friction, Baby

Only included on the first few pressings of the album. Features singing in Spanish.

How to find it: Begins at -3:21 of track #1 (“King of New Orleans”)

Submitted by: EAM

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2 Responses

  1. Wintw says:

    So how do you find it?! I have this and remember it from years back but can’t get to it right now! I remember accidentally discovering it! Do you rewind when it starts playing or do you push the back arrow key a couple of times? Why in the hell did they only do early copies like this?! All c.d.s. need to be re-releaed with this type of feature with unreleased material!

  2. Julie Davis says:

    I found it accidentally over 20 years ago. I had a CD player that you loaded the disc into a door vertically and pushed play and then held the back button and it played the songs backward. I looked for hidden messages I always heard about bc I was a teen. To my surprise, the hidden track played backward, then I was able to play it normally. I didn’t talk about it to people bc it slightly freaked me out.

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