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Better Than Ezra: Deluxe

About “Streetside Jesus”

“Streetside Jesus” is a hidden song by Better Than Ezra from their album Deluxe.

“Der pork and beans with sauerkrauten/ De purk und beans mit sauerkrauten/ Streetside Jesus! Save a soul for a nickel and a dime!/ Streetside Jesus! Save a soul, feel mighty fine/ Streetside Jesus…save a soul, li’l precious child/ Streetside Jesus…save a soul/ Huh!! Ne-heh!

About Deluxe

Better Than Ezra’s major label debut album, Deluxe, was released in 1995 and became a commercial success. The album was produced by Kevin Griffin, the band’s lead vocalist, and featured a mix of alternative rock, pop, and Southern influences. The album’s lead single, “Good,” became a top 40 hit and helped propel the album to platinum certification.

Deluxe also features other standout tracks such as “In the Blood,” “Rosealia,” and “King of New Orleans,” which showcase the band’s ability to write catchy, guitar-driven pop songs with insightful lyrics. The album also includes a cover of the Beatles’ “A Day in the Life,” which the band reworked with their own signature sound.

Deluxe is a strong debut album from Better Than Ezra that helped establish them as a prominent band in the 1990s alternative rock scene. It remains a fan favorite and a quintessential album of the era, showcasing the band’s unique sound and songwriting skills.

How to find “Streetside Jesus”

On CD: Begins at 4:20 of track #13 (“Coyote”)

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