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Beck: Odelay

About “Computer Rock”

“Computer Rock” is a hidden song by Beck from his album Odelay.

Consists of some electronic bonus noise that lasts roughly one minute.

About Odelay

Released in 1996, Odelay is the fifth album by American musician Beck. The album is considered to be one of Beck’s most influential and successful works, receiving widespread critical acclaim and earning two Grammy Awards for Best Alternative Music Album and Best Male Rock Vocal Performance for the single “Where It’s At.”

Odelay is a genre-bending album that blends elements of rock, hip-hop, funk, folk, and country music, among others. It features samples, loops, and unconventional instrumentation, such as toy instruments and found objects, adding to its distinctive sound. The album’s production was helmed by Beck and the Dust Brothers, a duo known for their work on Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique.

The album features many standout tracks, including “Devil’s Haircut,” “The New Pollution,” and “Where It’s At,” which became a commercial and critical success, as well as a defining song of the 1990s alternative music scene. The album’s themes include social commentary, surrealism, and humor, with lyrics that range from absurdist to introspective.

Odelay cemented Beck’s status as a groundbreaking and innovative artist, and its impact can be felt in subsequent generations of musicians. It remains a quintessential album of the 1990s and a must-listen for fans of alternative music.

How to find “Computer Rock”

On CD: Begins at around 6:30 of track #13 (“Ramshackle”)

Listen to “Computer Rock”

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