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Bare Jr.: Boo-Tay

About this hidden song

(Title Unknown) is a hidden song by Bare Jr. from their album Boo-Tay.

Only 12 tracks are listed, but there are actually 37. Tracks 12-29 are each about 3 seconds long. Track 30 is a weird screeching and howling. It goes into a phone message from Bobby Bare Jr.’s ex-girlfriend about how she doesn’t want to talk to him, doesn’t want to hear from him, and doesn’t want him to write any more songs or poems about her. Once the message is over, a song comes on that was written for her.

About Boo-Tay

Boo-Tay is the second album by American rock band Bare Jr., released in 1998. It features a mix of hard rock, country and blues influences, with humorous and often irreverent lyrics. The album received critical acclaim for its raw energy, catchy hooks, and offbeat humor. The single “You Blew Me Off” received significant airplay on alternative rock radio stations, helping to bring the band to a wider audience. Despite the critical success of Boo-Tay, Bare Jr. disbanded in 2001.

How to find this hidden song

On CD: Go directly to track #30

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