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Bamboo: We Stand Alone Together

About “Englishman In New York”

“Englishman In New York” is a song by Bamboo from their album We Stand Alone Together.

“Englishman In New York” is a cover of the song by Sting. Sting’s version of “Englishman In New York” was released in 1987 as a single from his album …Nothing Like the Sun. The song’s lyrics were inspired by the eccentric writer and gay icon Quentin Crisp, who had moved to New York City from England. The track features a distinctive saxophone hook played by Branford Marsalis and has been covered by various artists over the years. It’s known for its catchy melody and witty lyrics, which celebrate the unique personality of the Englishman in New York, while also acknowledging the challenges he faces in adapting to a new environment.

About We Stand Alone Together

We Stand Alone Together is the second studio album by the Filipino rock band Bamboo, released in 2007. The album features a blend of rock, funk, and alternative music and contains 12 tracks, including the hit singles “Probinsyana” and “Kailan.” The album showcases the band’s songwriting and musicianship, with catchy hooks and powerful vocals. Lyrically, the album touches on themes of love, loss, and social issues. We Stand Alone Together was a commercial success, reaching platinum status in the Philippines, and cemented Bamboo’s status as one of the leading rock bands in the country.

How to find “Englishman in New York”

On CD: Play through track #8 (“Tatsulok”)

Listen to “Englishman in New York”

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