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Backstreet Boys: For The Fans (CD 3)

About “My Religion”

“My Religion” is a hidden song by Krystal Harris from the Backstreet Boys album For The Fans.

Krystal Harris is a singer-songwriter who toured with the Backstreet Boys. The hidden track was included on the 2nd and 3rd discs of For The Fans.

About For The Fans

For The Fans is a set of three CDs released in 2000 by the Backstreet Boys in collaboration with fast food retailer Burger King featuring B-sides and previously unreleased tracks from the group’s earlier albums. The albums included acoustic versions of popular hits like “I Want It That Way” and “Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)”, as well as remixes and new songs like “It’s True” and “That’s What She Said”. The albums were distributed with the purchase of any value meal.

How to find “My Religion”

On CD: Play through the last track (track #6, “All I Have To Give (A Capella)”)

Listen to “My Religion”

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