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Ashley MacIsaac: Hi How Are You Today?

About “Kill Your Foes”

“Kill Your Foes” is a hidden song by Ashley MacIsaac from his album Hi How Are You Today?

The song is also known as “Catherine Cries” and was written by Jerry Holland (1955-2009), a Canadian fiddler and composer from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, known for his distinctive style of Cape Breton fiddling. He was born into a family with a strong musical background, and his father Alex and his uncle Buddy MacMaster were both renowned fiddlers. Holland began playing fiddle at a young age and gained recognition in the 1970s for his innovative approach to Cape Breton music, blending traditional styles with jazz and other genres.

Over the course of his career, Holland released numerous solo albums and collaborated with other prominent musicians in the traditional and folk music scenes, including John Allan Cameron, Natalie MacMaster, and Ashley MacIsaac. He also composed several tunes that have become popular in the Cape Breton fiddle repertoire. Despite battling cancer, Holland continued to perform and record music until his death in 2009, leaving behind a lasting legacy as one of Cape Breton’s most influential fiddlers.

About Hi How Are You Today?

Ashley MacIsaac’s album Hi How Are You Today? is a unique blend of traditional Celtic music with a modern and contemporary twist. The album is primarily instrumental, with MacIsaac’s mastery of the fiddle taking center stage. He infuses his music with a punk rock attitude, creating a sound that is both traditional and unconventional. The album features MacIsaac’s signature style of fiddling, which is fast, intense, and precise. He blends traditional Celtic tunes with a variety of other genres, including rock, punk, and even hip hop, resulting in a highly energetic and eclectic sound.

Despite its traditional roots, Hi How Are You Today? is a thoroughly modern album that broke new ground in Celtic music. MacIsaac’s innovative approach to fiddling and his willingness to experiment with different genres make this album a standout in his discography and a significant contribution to Celtic music as a whole.

How to find “Kill Your Foes”

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Listen to “Kill Your Foes”

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