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Alien Ant Farm: ANThology

About “Orange Appeal”

“Orange Appeal” is a hidden song by Alien Ant Farm from their album ANThology.

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About ANThology

ANThology is the debut album by American rock band Alien Ant Farm, released in 2001. The album features a blend of alternative rock, punk, and nu-metal, with catchy hooks and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Some of the notable tracks include a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal,” “Movies,” and “Attitude.” The album was a commercial success, reaching platinum certification and receiving positive reviews from critics. ANThology remains Alien Ant Farm’s most successful album and a nostalgic favorite for fans of early 2000s alternative rock.

How to find “Orange Appeal”

On CD: Begins at 6:23 of track #13 (“Universe”)

Listen to “Orange Appeal”

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