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Alice In Chains: Dirt

About “Iron Gland”

“Iron Gland” is a hidden song by Alice In Chains from their album Dirt.

The 43-second “Iron Gland” was developed out of a guitar riff that Jerry Cantrell would play that annoyed the other band members, so he created the song (adding in a reference to Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man”) and promised to never play the guitar riff again. Listed on the back cover as track #10 but without a title.

About Dirt

Dirt is the second studio album by American rock band Alice in Chains, released in 1992. The album features a heavy, grunge sound with dark, introspective lyrics that deal with themes of addiction, depression, and social alienation. Some of the notable tracks include “Would?,” “Rooster,” and “Down in a Hole.” The album was a commercial success and received critical acclaim, helping to establish Alice in Chains as one of the leading bands of the Seattle grunge scene. Dirt remains a fan favorite and a seminal album in the history of grunge and alternative rock.

How to find “Iron Gland”

On CD: Go directly to track #10.

Listen to “Iron Gland”

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