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Alanis Morrisette: Jagged Little Pill

About “Your House”

“Your House” is a hidden song by Alanis Morissette from her album Jagged Little Pill.

The second of two hidden songs, following “You Oughta Know (Jimmy the Saint Blend)”. Features Alanis singing a cappella. About a woman finding a love note from someone else on her lover’s desk.

About Jagged Little Pill

Jagged Little Pill is the breakthrough third studio album by Canadian singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette, released in 1995. It propelled Morissette to international stardom and established her as a powerful voice in alternative rock and female empowerment.

The album presents a raw and introspective exploration of personal experiences, relationships, and societal pressures. Morissette’s distinctive vocals and brutally honest lyrics, combined with a fusion of rock, pop, and folk elements, create a captivating and emotionally charged listening experience. Hits like “You Oughta Know,” “Ironic,” and “Hand in My Pocket” became anthems for a generation, showcasing Morissette’s ability to express raw emotions with unapologetic intensity.

Jagged Little Pill remains a timeless album that resonates with listeners for its authenticity, vulnerability, and empowering messages. It tackles themes of love, heartbreak, self-discovery, and social commentary, making it a relatable and empowering record for audiences around the world. With its success, the album solidified Morissette as a prominent figure in the music industry and a voice for female empowerment.

How to find “Your House”

On CD: Begins at 5:13 of track #13 (“You Oughta Know (Jimmy the Saint Blend)”

Listen to “Your House”

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