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About “Messed Up”

“Messed Up” is a hidden song by Aaliyah from her album Aaliyah.

According to producer Rapture Stewart, “That track wasn’t going to make the record, but at that time while working on that album, because the time frame was so long, a lot of people were wondering what songs she was going to use. If whatever songs she wasn’t going to use, would the other songs be available? So everything was on hold because she got first pick. That was kind of the way we had worked with it. So “Messed Up” wasn’t going to make the record, but various people in the industry started inquiring about the song, because it was not on the final list. So she basically was like ‘Nah, I know that’s a good song. It’s just not going to make my album. But I’m going to use it as a bonus track, so no one else can have that song’. She liked the song, but that was the one when she had to narrow it down to the number of songs, that was the last one that didn’t make it so she ended up deciding to go with it as a bonus track. She didn’t want to give it away and use because she actually liked the record. Quite a few labels had called us and called Playa and called the office of Blackground inquiring about that song, so Aaliyah decided to keep the track.”

About Aaliyah

Aaliyah is the self-titled third studio album by American R&B singer Aaliyah, released in 2001. The album features a mix of R&B, hip hop, and electronica with introspective and sensual lyrics. Some of the notable tracks include “We Need a Resolution,” “More Than a Woman,” and “Rock the Boat.” The album received critical acclaim for its futuristic sound and Aaliyah’s vocals, and it was a commercial success, debuting at number two on the US Billboard 200 and being certified double platinum by the RIAA. Sadly, Aaliyah died in a plane crash shortly after the album’s release, making it her final studio album.

How to find “Messed Up”

On CD: Go directly to track #15

Listen to “Messed Up”

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